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Original Birth Certificates

Some states recognize an adult adoptee's unrestricted right to access their own original birth certificates. I represent those who are denied that right.

Personal Information

Adult adoptees are entitled to their own personal information, which may include information that is in an agency, court, or other locations. I help adoptees get what's rightfully theirs.


Intercountry adoptees may not have received citizenship even after being adopted in the United States decades ago. That's wrong. I advocate to correct it.

The United States of OBC

Who Holds Your Truth?

We track of all of the state laws that restrict—or don't restrict—access to an original birth certificate. See the results here or view the interactive OBC map.



Forty-five organizations and thousands of individuals worked to persuade Governor Cuomo to veto A5036B. Congrats to all who worked on this!

Always get quick updates on whether bills undermining adoptee rights are still pending. Find out at

Data, Information, and Interactive Maps on OBC Access